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Experience required for email alerts and updates

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Experience required for email alerts and updates

vSphere 4 environment

2 x HP DL380 G6 ESX 4.0.1 Hosts

2 x HP DL185 G5 ESXi 4.1.1 Hosts with 2 x P4000 VSA's

CMC Running on the vCenter

1 x HP DL380 G6 ESX Host with FOM VM in seperate location

Microsoft Exchange 2003 SP2


Management Group Setup no problems

Failover Cluster Setup no problems


2 issues im having are:


1. when setting up the email alerts, it keeps spouting a failure due to not being able send emails as the type of email is not supported for the protocol. (im not in the office so cant remember exactly but can update tomorrow)


2. when i check for updates, it throws back telling me that it cant check the updates or upgrade .xml file (again cant remember exactly which file it is although there is only one). seems a bit more research and i found this so will give it a try


although the Cluster is functioning properly, the warnings and updates are important.


i have a saying that i used to teach students and it's "do it nice or you will do it twice" and i would like to practice what i preach.


thanks in advance for any pointers/support