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Failover Manager License Key


Failover Manager License Key

Hello again.


After installing FOM into an ESXi server and adding it to the cluster group through GUI (Centralize Management Console), the application asks me for a license key. I suppose that the reason why is because I've added a new node.


On, I can get a license, in fact, I've gotten the license keys for the two lefthand nodes using the Order Number that each node has. But, for Failover Manager, I haven't any order number, so I can't introduce anything on web page.


Could please, someone how is the way to add a FOM into the cluster group and if it's required a license key for it? If it's necesary, how can I obtain it?


Please, follow next attach image with a screen shot of the message.


Thank you and best regards.

New Member

Re: Failover Manager License Key

Failover manager doesn't need a license allocated to it.