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HP DL320s Disk Uninitialized.

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HP DL320s Disk Uninitialized.

I have an HP DL 320s running lefthand 9.5 I had an HDD fail, I replaced the HDD and the RAID array rebuilt itselft but the disk is still showing as uninitialized under the disk setup tab. When I right click on the disk all I get is view disk status or help.

I am using HP CMC 12.0 to manage the SAN. 


Re: HP DL320s Disk Uninitialized.

Hi Jeff-J,

Assuming it is not a monitoring fault that could be cured by restarting the CMC or the storage node, you will need to remove the node from the management group and reconfigure raid. This will reset the disk and raid set status.

You might also get that if you used a non-HPE branded part with firmware that doesn't know how to report status. DL320s is a really old system and it might be hard to find parts.

I am an HPE employee - HPE SImpliVity Support

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