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HP Lefthand P4500 Decommission

New Member

HP Lefthand P4500 Decommission

I have a a HPE P4500 Lefthand four node cluster to decommission. Can someone provide some information on how I can sanitize the all the disks? Is this completed by Secure Erase?

Or can i simply break the cluster to wipe the data? I have a record of each license key per node.

Any help here would be much appreciated. 


Honored Contributor

Re: HP Lefthand P4500 Decommission

What level cleanup are you trying to achieve?  If the entire cluster is to be removed, it might be easiest to just create one or two large full partitions LUNs and either just do a full format or use a wipe program to do whatever you need.

Something like DBAN might work with a boot USB to wipe each physical node.

I don't know what level security you really require, but on a practical side, I'll assume you had NR10 running on the 4-node cluster that also had hardware raid5 running on that.  The cost it would take to get any useful information from those harddrives if you simply did a quick format on a full LUN should work for securing any information short of having an external requirement for certified data destruction.