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HP P4000 VSA and SRM


HP P4000 VSA and SRM

Hi guys,
I have been playing with vmware SRM and HP LHN VSA's.
When i performed a test failover i got an error stating that there wasn’t enough space to convert the remote copy into a primary. What i have subsequently found out is when you run a failover test in SRM. The SRA converts the remote thin provisioned volume to a fully provisioned primary volume. I can understand the volume going from a remote copy to full, but i can’t understand why this has been converted from a thin volume to fully provisioned. Isn’t this counter intuitive to using thin provisioning?
Any help with this woud be appreciated


Re: HP P4000 VSA and SRM

The issue with this was caused by the way the remote volume was created.
If you create the volume using the new schedule or remote snapshot a volume wizard it does create a fully provisioned remote volume. Even though the original was thin provisioned.
Curiously though even though the source volume is thin provisioned & over provisioned. When you use the create schedule snapshot wizard, and create the new remote volume through that, it doesn't warn you, but it does list the volume provisioning is set to full at the summary section at the end of the wizard.
I guess it highlights to look at this summary section more carefully.