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HP SAN storage volume creation issue

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HP SAN storage volume creation issue

Hi folks,


We have a 3 node DL380 G7 cluster ( ESX 5.0 ) , the SAN is 12.5 TB (total) managed via CMC v10.5. We created 3 RAID-10 volumes which left us with approx. 5 TB, to be allocated to a RAID-5 volume and this is where it gets strange.


When we create the RAID-5 volume, we are seeing 2 TB Reported Size  but a Consumed Space value of 4 TB ??! Should we not have the capability to create a 3.5 - 4 TB RAID-5 volume ?? Why is the creation of a RAID-5 volume behaving like RAID-10??!


UPDATE:  I should have added, we are using Full provisioning as opposed to Thin for the RAID-5 volume. If I recreate using Thin, it is created as we would expect. It would appear that Full vs Thin is very different.


I do have a HP Support case open for this, awaiting a response but I thought I'd run this by the experts...


Any ideas?


Many thanks in advance.



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Re: HP SAN storage volume creation issue

Perhaps if you said what the SAN is? Model, controller version, enclosures, disk type etc.
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Re: HP SAN storage volume creation issue

>> managed via CMC v10.5


So it is probably a Lefthand, aka storevirtual.


Some more details would be helpful.

Hope this helps!

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