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HP StorageWorks P4500 G2 - Fans & noise issues

Occasional Collector

HP StorageWorks P4500 G2 - Fans & noise issues

Dear all,


I have a P4500 G2 never started since one year.


Now I needed it so we plugged it and configured it.


CMC updated all stuff but we have a issue pending : The P4500 is still making a lot of noise and we don't know how to fix this.

It's like that all FANS are working at maximum.


What can w edo?


Thank you, regards


Honored Contributor

Re: HP StorageWorks P4500 G2 - Fans & noise issues

check to make sure the firmware is updated.  I think I remember something a while back about a firmware update to fix this...  also is the room hot?  If so, the fans might WANT to be running at 100%.  If not, it could just be that the fan bearings have gone bad if the fan speed actually decreased but the noise of the fans continues (if the sound changes with the fans between boot and after its on then its probably bad bearings on the fans as they sat too long... but I would wait and maybe they might quiet down and they are used a little)