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HP StoreVirtual VSA

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HP StoreVirtual VSA

We have recently purchased 2 DL385s Gen 8s and a P2000 for a new infrastructure  deployment.

I have another area of the business that needs a temporary physically seperate  architecture for a 1 year project. They have very little budget.

The specification and compute requirements are moderate based on analysis.


We have 3 old G6 dl385 with high specification

100 GB RAM

16 NICs

2 x 3.0 6 Core CPU

(old ESX boxes)


Can i use the Store Virtual VSA licence we got with the new Gen 8s to create a VSA with one of the G6's and then create a two node Hyper V 2012 cluster with shared VSA storage?



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Re: HP StoreVirtual VSA

I don't know what the license text says, but there is no technical reason why that shouldn't work.


Your underlying HDD storage is going to be the likely limitation for performance.  The VSA doesn't use ANY available memory, so you won't really gain any advantage by presenting it any more than the spec requests (based on storage size).


How much shared storage are you needing here?  Keep in mind that you are going to have to use Network Raid 10 which means you have to buy 2x the physical storage for the nodes and then on top of that you need to run physical raid which will add even more physical storage requriements.