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HP VSA / Fibre Channel

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HP VSA / Fibre Channel

Dear all,


We currently have a Blade C7000 and have some 460c g8 Servers. One of the 460c g8 has a VMWARE ESX on in with on top HP VSA. The 460c is partnered with a DS2200sb Blade Storage. We want to connect 3 servers (460c) via Fibre Channel to the HP VSA. Recently we added a HP SAN 4/8GB Brocade switch, and the 4 servers (including the one with VSA) have a Fibre Adapter 8gb. Now we want to map the drives to the servers but we can't via Fibre. Only iScsi is working. If I look in the HP Store Virtual Management Console, I am not able to Connect via Fibre only iScsi.


Has anybody realized this ?

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Re: HP VSA / Fibre Channel

That's by design. HP StoreVirtual software, including VSA, is designed for setting up iSCSI SAN. It's not made for fiber channel.

Even the new "StoreVirtual FC" hardware appliances HP sells that enable limited fiber connectivity to the SAN require an iSCSI network on the backend for all operational and management functionalities, such as the internal Network RAID data protection. There's no version of StoreVirtual that doesn't require iSCSI networking, even the hardware appliances, and VSA doesn't support fiber channel at all.
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