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HP VSA v12 - VMWARE MPM Delayed Ack?

Occasional Contributor

HP VSA v12 - VMWARE MPM Delayed Ack?



I've had some performance issues with VSA which I’ve now got to the bottom of. I was advised by HP support to try the following on the ESX client:


- Disabling delayed ACK

- For RR lb ensure the number of IOPS per path is set to 1 not 1000 (the default)


The above recommendations are given by other array manufacturers.


However, manually reconfiguring our ESX farm isn't going to be simple. What we are now looking at is implementing the ESX MPM module. I’ve tried this and it seems fine.


However, I was wondering does anyone know if disabling delayed ack is still necessary if you use the MPM – the documentation doesn’t mention this.