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Lefthand quorum, recoverable or not recoverable?

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Lefthand quorum, recoverable or not recoverable?

We've been troubleshooting two issues related to the stability of our iSCSI network. I'm wondering if someone can explain to me why sometimes we loose quorum but it is restored on it's own and why other times we have to hard reset one of our two P4300 G2 nodes to recover from a no quorum event. We are running FoM. We are experiencing issues related to all nodes loosing connectivity for > 15 seconds. Our first storage node always regains quorum after such an event, however the second storage node sometimes sits endlessly in a no quorum / storage not ready / manager not ready state until we hard reset. Other times the second node will "magically" recover from this error after exactly 10 minutes.

I'm not comfortable being in the dark as to the logic that's happening behind the scenes. What is the expected behavior in the event of connectivity issues?
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Re: Lefthand quorum, recoverable or not recoverable?

Hi Matthew,

First: do you have any network connectivity problems? Maybe a "jumbo frame" issue? -> if yes -> disable Jumbo Frames all over.

In general the FOM adds a quorum to the remaining node - so your cluster stay online.

Another strange issue i saw in a configuration where FOM and Virtual Manager are installed. Take care you remove all virtual manager releated objects when you work with FOM.

Hope this will help you.

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