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Management Group move from one site to the other

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Management Group move from one site to the other

Hi all,

Due to a branch closedown, we have to move our storage systems from one location to another (different subnet). As the storage system will be placed in a different subnet, we will have to adjust the network settings on each storage systems as well.

The current setup is the following:
- 1 Management group
- 3 clusters within the Management Group
- 1 storage system (2 x P4300G2 and 1 x 4330) in each cluster (I know it's not redundant, unfortunately we inherited this setup from a previous company)
- all systems and servers within the Management Group are on the same site
- the management server which runs HP StoreVirtual CMC is in the headoffice (different subnet than the current and target site where teh storage systems are placed)

Due the the office closedown we need to move the whole setup to a different subnet.
My question would be about the best practices, which should I follow to get the system working on the new site.
Can I shut down the whole management group to put it into maintenance mode, and then re-configure the IP addresses through the console on the new site. If I look up for the systems with the new IP address, will those recognize the management group, so I will be able to see them within CMC again so I can update the virtual IPs for each cluster?

Thank you in advance,



Re: Management Group move from one site to the other

hi Peter

I believe , all the dots connect well and seems to be the only option but make sure to shutdown whole MG






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