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P4000 + 4x P4000 G2 + 3x P4330 Design

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P4000 + 4x P4000 G2 + 3x P4330 Design



I have to implement 3 new P4330 boxes in an existing environment.


The existing environment shows as following.


1x P4000 (stand alone no cluster only on one box) (only physical Raid5) -> its used as target for Backup 2 disk (iscsi) from a windows host.


4x P4000 G2

2x Site A, 2x Site B

There is a cluster over both with Network Raid 10

This cluster is used ATM for vspehre 5.1.

There so also a FOM In the Site C


On All Boxes are running iqs 9.5.


The new environment

So I have to implement 3x P4330 boxes but how.


I guess as forst I have to find out how to integrate. The existing cluster must be existing further with no data loss.


Should I implement the 3 new boxes in the existing cluster if yes how (2x P4000 G2 + 2x P4330 (as network raid1)) on site a and 2x P4000 G2 + 1x P4330 (as mirror of the 2x P4330 in SiteA) in Site B


Well well well I studding the San Design / Implementation Guide but I don't get a clue how to design.


The other idea is to create a new cluster. But if I do that there must be also multiples sites. So I have 3 Nodes and 1 extra Fom for the second cluster?


Hm OK and what's with the iqs version. I think I should update the iqs illiterately to 10.5 cause vmware support 5.5.

But what is with iqs 11 ? I know the P4000 is not supported on iqs11 so only the 4x P4000G2 and the 3x P4330 can be updated to iqs 11.


Thanks for your input I'm at the moment a bit out of range ;)


Kind regards



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Re: P4000 + 4x P4000 G2 + 3x P4330 Design

I can't say I follow what you are trying to do, but unless the new nodes are similar for size and speed then they should really go in their own cluster.  You could add the new nodes to the existing cluster without data loss, but you really can't do a multi-site cluster w/ two sites and an odd number of nodes, so if your goal is to increase your multi-site capacity, then you must buy an even number of nodes.


If you just need storage at one site, you can simply buy the three nodes and setup a new cluster in the management group and use NR10 for your LUNs.  If you do have one site heavy on LUNs, I would probably not turn on all the managers on each node and ensure that each site has roughly equal managers running so either site+FOM could maintain quorum.


FYI, If you have one cluster in a management group that is multi-site, you don't HAVE to have all other clusters multi-site.  Technically the management group is what is considered multi/single site, but if you have a cluster w/ only one site for all the nodes and another cluster with two or more sites, it will work.



Re: P4000 + 4x P4000 G2 + 3x P4330 Design



well if I do understand you correct, then your current setup with the 4 P4000G2 systems is a Multi-Site Setup (i.e. one cluster stretched over both sites).

If you want to have a Multisite setup for the 4330 systems, then you need to have an even number of nodes! You cannot build a multi-site cluster with an odd number of nodes.

This leaves me to the question, what was the idea of adding the 4330 systems. Do you need to have more capacity/performance in your existing environment? If yes, then you do need an additional 4330 node to be able to build a multisite configuration.


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