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P4000 cluster load balance


P4000 cluster load balance

Hello folks

I´ve a two nodes P4500G2 Multi-site Cluster and my question is:

Is there a way to force all server connections to ONLY one site?

Note: The servers are connecting to the same VIP and all servers has "Enable Load Balancing" option enabled.


Occasional Advisor

Re: P4000 cluster load balance

If you mean to force all server connections to one node without the ability to failover to the second node, then you could add a second physical NIC to your servers (or use an available NIC) and place it on the iSCSI subnet without a gateway address. Create a new Discovery Portal with your local site cluster VIP, click on Advanced, select Microsoft iSCSI Adapter under the Local Adapter, and select the newly created iSCSI NIC IP address under Initiator IP. This will prevent the server's iSCSI traffic from reaching the opposite node even though the iSCSI Initiator will see both cluster VIPs.

If storage failover is important to you, you may want to consider a stretched VLAN. I have not found a way to force server connections to one site and accommodate failover with an iSCSI NIC that specifies a gateway, however. If you find a better technique, please post.