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P4300 G2 - expand array or rebuild from scratch

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P4300 G2 - expand array or rebuild from scratch

We are looking to resurect our old P4230 G2 SAN (2 nodes). It was replaced by a 3 node P4500 a while back and ever since it has been gathering dust in the corner of the server room. We would like to put it to use once again at our DR site. 

My questions are:

 - We would like to replace the 8 x 450GB HDDs in each node with larger HDDs. The P4300G2 Quickspecs data sheet state each unit can take 8 x 1TB SAS drives but the datashare also includes part numbers for 2TB SAS drives too. Has anyone successfully install the 2TB drives in a P4300 G2?

These are the part numbers for the mentiond hdds:
HP 2TB 6G SAS 7.2K rpm LFF (3.5-inch) Dual Port Midline 1yr Warranty Hard Drive (507616-B21)
HP 1TB 6G SAS 7.2K rpm LFF (3.5-inch) Dual Port Midline 1yr Warranty Hard Drive (507614-B21)

- Is it possible to replace each of the old 450GB hdds with larger 1 or 2TB hdds, one at a time, allowing the array to rebuild/repair until all the 450GB have been swapped. Then, once all the new larger drives are in, expand the volume so that it utilises the additional raw space?

- If the above isn't possible or advisable... how do we go about flatterning and rebuilding each P4300 SANs? We no longer have the P4300 installation CD media it came with. We tried downloading the P4300 installation iso but it prompted from a password before the SAN IQ software would install. We dont know this password?. I also understand we would need to provide some licenses keys during the SAN IQ install. Where can i get these from. I'm guessing they'rve already been applied in the past?


Re: P4300 G2 - expand array or rebuild from scratch

Hello Preecy,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

The P4300G2 will work with following 2TB drive models :

Part number is 508010-001 2TB, DP, SAS, 7.2K RPM, 6Gbps, MDL, LFF.

Ideally, this is something the Support team should be able to help you with. However, the G2 nodes are now out of support life and so you wont be able to get any help there.
You should still be able to get the License from the portal : You can chat with a representative there. If you provide the Feature Key, they can give you the License.

You can go with the following steps to bring up the nodes.
1. Attain the disks/Licenses/ISO image
2. Assuming that there are no data that is required, you can replace all disks with the 2TB
3. Reimage the nodes
4. Setup the network
5. Install CMC
6. Find systems on CMC
7. Configure the SAN

The latest version of saniq for G2 nodes is 12.5. Below is the link for downloading the ISO and the CMC :

There is no password needed if you are reimaging the device. You will need only the License.
However, the site will ask for password. You can use your HPE Passport account to unlock the download.
You will need the same when contacting the Licensing team.

Alternatively, you can work by adding single disk at a time and let it rebuild. But for this you need to have a working SAN setup in CMC.
If there is a cluster added in CMC, then you can move the node to repair mode and start replacing disks. There is a pattern in doing so as the OS is installed in RAID 10.
The OS mirror pair is as below :
So you should ensure that these disks are not replaced at the same time.
Data disk is in RAID5. However, since we are doing this in repair mode, you can ignore RAID5 completely.
Once the disks are replaced, you can reconfigure RAID and then add the node back to the cluster.
Repair mode is a Support option and so you will have to reach out to them. I believe there is still an option where you can go for a One time paid support.

Probably, you can call Support and see where the warranty stands and if they can give you a best efforts Q&A support.

I hope this is helpful.


I am a HPE Employee

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