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P4300 SAN Updates & SNMP MIBS


P4300 SAN Updates & SNMP MIBS

I am about to run P4300 G2 updates through the CMC, the SAN nodes (2) in the cluster are currently on and FOM, appears ready to be installed.  I have two physical hosts that are connected to the SAN also, running 2008R2 all with dedicated ProCurve switches, with Application Aware Snapshot Manager, CLI, DSM for MPIO installed on each host, I know I need to install the 10 version of this software on both hosts before I commence the upgrades through the CMC.


Q1 - The CMC tells me / advises me that SNMP_MIBS_10.0.00.1895_20121220 are required.  I read through the HP P4000 SAN User Guide.  I have SNMP V1 traps setup to a management host running HP Insite Remote Support, the manual states to extract these MIBS to C:\Program Files\HP\P4000\UI\mibs on the SNMP setup.  The two physical hosts and management dont have this folder, where are these meant to be extracted to / are they needed?  Not extracting them, will this cause an issue once applying the updates through the CMC?  Or do I just create the folder and extract the MIBS?


Q2 - Can you update the Application Aware Snapshot Manager from it's current version of straight to the newest 10 version that the CMC has downloaded, or install the newest 9.5 version, looks like I am one behind with the AASM, then go to 10?