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P4500 no iSCSI connections to second node

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P4500 no iSCSI connections to second node


I have configured two P4500 nodes as a multi-site SAN and VIP cluster/loadbalance has been enabled. vSphere has been configured with two VMkernels on physical dedicated networkcards. I have added the VIP IP to the VMware iSCSI storage adapter. Everything was looking good and VMware made two connections to each node. This gave me 4 active path. Now I simulated a disaster recovery by turning off the primary node. All VM's was unaffected and VMware showed 2 of the 4 path as broken. I powered down everything and called it a day (Servers, Nodes, Switches) When the systems where powered up the next day, both nodes came online and Datastores was accessible. However I only see 2 Path and they both go to the primary node. I's like the cluster does not distribute connections to the second node any more. I have checked the configuration many times and can't figure out what is going on.

Do I need to use the CLI? - RebalanceVIP

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Asbjørn Morell

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Re: P4500 no iSCSI connections to second node

Are you sure it worked the first time? We are currently waiting for HP to deliver our own P4000 and ESX systems but as far as i was able to test and confirm (ESX trial, Lefthand VSA, both on VMWare Workstation) ESX MPIO does not route iSCSI traffic to different subnets.
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Re: P4500 no iSCSI connections to second node


We also encountered about the same issue. One of our servers (W2K8 R2 Hyper-V) connected to the LeftHand Virtualization cluster using MPIO failed to generate paths / sessions to the other P4500 nodes.

I was comparing it with other identical server that is working fine and found out that the LeftHand MPIO Control service is not started. Manual start of the service also end up with failure.

Awaiting HP support to come up with a solution or a patch.