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P4500 Volumes restriping

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P4500 Volumes restriping


We recently add two new nodes to our P4500 multisite cluster bring it to a 10 node cluster across two sites. There are 42 volumes all configured with network raid 10. The restripping  is taking some time to complete, it's been running for two days so far and only about 5 volumes have completed. My question is, should we wait for the restripping to complete before we create new volumes or make changes to current volumes.

Has anyone come across any issues when adding new nodes?


Any advice would be much appreciated.



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Re: P4500 Volumes restriping

you should be fine to create new volumes while that restriping is going on.  I'm not sure about the existing volumes.  I would just caution that you be watchful of your available space because the restripes of the existing volumes are transfering data from the existing two nodes and splitting it across the other two as well, but until it gets split, that voume is taking up more space on the original nodes.


Re: P4500 Volumes restriping

I Hope you know about the Management Group Edit Option.
It has a slider which allows you to change the Bandwidth for Re-stripe/Re-sync operations.

You can always create new volumes while the Restripe operation is taking place.
You can edit the existing Volume as well, but I would suggest Editing the Volume after the Restripe is completed.

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