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proper way to remove and re-add StoreVirtual datastore??

Super Advisor

proper way to remove and re-add StoreVirtual datastore??

We have two StoreVirtual-created datastores.

All VMs have been evacuated from one datastore.

This was done so the datastore can be removed and dismounted, then RE-added and RE-mounted as a VMFS6 datastore to accommodate larger VMs.

I know the standard procedure for removing and dismounting vSphere datastores; this is well documented.

Are any special procedures involved because it's StoreVirtual??

Either in VMware or in the StoreVirtual CMC software??

We don't intend to remove or uninstall the actual LUN/storage etc., we only want to remove and dismount it from VMware, then restart the VM that manages this particular datastore, then remount the datastore and have it become a VMFS6 volume with the same datastore name.

Thank you, Tom