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Recreate BOND in Storevirtual P4300

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Recreate BOND in Storevirtual P4300

Dear All,


I have a 6 node P4300 StoreVirtual Cluster.

Last night one of the "storage system" has gone offline (it responded to ping but not to the CMC and the console was completely frozen).

I have held down the button and physically restarted the "storage system", now it's online resyncing correctly.
But now I have an alert on the CMC indicating that the NIC Flow Control on the physical ports of the "storage system" is in "auto mode" and not in "Recive:ON, Transmit:ON" like the others.

Can I do the following without removing the "storage system" from the cluster hoping that everything works?

  1. Physically detach the 2 NICs from the switch
  2. delete the bond
  3. change the NIC Flow control on the ports
  4. recreate the bond identically as it was
  5. reattach the NIC to the switch


Thanks in advance



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Re: Recreate BOND in Storevirtual P4300



Sounds like the node totally reset its settings/data but also still is somehow still part of the management group?  Unless you had a TON of activity while the node was offline or it was offline for a long time I can't imagine why it would take more than an hour to resync.


assuming your LUNs are all NR10 or better, it doesn't matter what you do to one node because if you mess it up and have to reformat it, you can always do that and resync it to the cluster without data-loss (though you will be unprotected from another node problem until the sync is completed).


If you have support, it wouldn't hurt to ask them what to do and in the meantime just let the resync continue.

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Re: Recreate BOND in Storevirtual P4300

Hi Oikjn thanks for the answer, sorry but I didn't explain it well
On Tuesday Evening the "storage system" has gone offline, I have restarted it on wednesday afternoon and it has synchronized in about 3 hours.
The problem is that tomorrow I will go on holiday for three weeks so I was searching the fastest way to modify the NIC Flow Control parameter; so without resyncing completely from scratch and leaving no problems to my colleagues. 

So..... It will be my first problem on my return. :)