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Server 2008 R2 and P4300 DSM/MPIO?

New Member

Server 2008 R2 and P4300 DSM/MPIO?

I'm attempting to setup Server 2008 R2 with multiple paths to a volume stored on two P4300s and one NSM2060(being removed soon). I would like these multiple paths to be split over the two NICs I have connected to my SAN.

I follow HP LH documentation to connect to my target originating from each NIC, but end up with 4 paths over one NIC, and 1 path over the next NIC (see screenshot), also when watching traffic in task manager, only one NIC is being used.

Am I missing something, or is multipathing/DSM working correctly? I was expecting to see the traffic load balanced. Any other tips/tricks for using P4300s with Server 2008 R2? Thanks!

Re: Server 2008 R2 and P4300 DSM/MPIO?


No real answer - just letting you know I see the same behaviour and seems to be the expected result - though not described very clearly.

If you check page 19/20 of the Solution Pack for MS Windows User Manual it descibes what you should see "After logging on to a volume via iSCSI, the DSM for MPIO automatically builds a data path to each
storage node in the cluster plus one administrative path."

In looking at my connections it appears to be an administrative path from each NIC plus active paths from 1 of the NIC's to each node.