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Store VSA IP address

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Store VSA IP address

Can someone advise me does the store VSA management IP address need to be same range of ISCSI / Virtual IP address ? Also do we need to assign 2 Qty of management IP address for the store VSA.


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Re: Store VSA IP address

the managment for the all nodes is done in-band.  There is no required "management network".  All you need is a single IP for each node and a single IP for each cluster (VIP).  Nodes and clusters CAN have more, but they are not required and likely add complexity problems that have no real advantage. 

Actual management of the SAN is done over IP from a desktop computer running their CMC program.  This program does not need to be on in order for the SAN to operate and is only used as a window to allow for easier management than using just their CLI interface.  As long as you have your gateways setup correctly and there is IP communication possible between the desktop computer and the SAN, there is no need for this to even be on the same subnet.  For example, I have two management groups with one on-site and a 2nd at a backup location.  Each are on their own dedicated iSCSI VLAN, but I have a single instance of CMC installed on my work desktop which I can use to connect to either management group and administer if needed.  Because our system is stable and I have alerts setup correctly for us, I really only open the program maybe once a quarter at this point.