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StoreVirtual VM on BL460c G7 not booting

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StoreVirtual VM on BL460c G7 not booting


We have an FOM running on (ESXi 5.5) [LeftHandOS 2.6.32-279.25.2.el6.x86_64]

as of earlier this week it is refusing to boot (I think there was a power cut over the weekend).

There are no HDD problems, no hardware issues that I can see on the Blade OA.

It gets as far as 'Probing EDD (edd=off to disable)... OK' and then goes no further.

USB is enabled, I guess it's what ever it should do next thats jamming it up..

can anyone help ?





Re: StoreVirtual VM on BL460c G7 not booting

1. If you have a back up of FOM taken as snapshot you can restore it from that previous state captured via Snapshot.
2. If there is no backup or snapshot available for the FOM, it will need to be removed from MG with deployement of a new one. Post deployment we will have to add it to the MG.
3. Removal of old FOM from the MG can be achieved only by logging via SSH to one of the other managers running in the MG.
4. The above mentioned activity requires root login, and can only be done by HPE support.

Important Note : Unless the old FOM is removed from MG via ssh login, a new can't be added.

Suggestion : Please log a case with HPE support for assistance on this.

I am an HPE employee

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