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Trying to use "Not Provisioned" space

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Trying to use "Not Provisioned" space

Hi all. I'm new to managing SANs and I have a Lefthand P4000. What I have is 4TB provisioned for volumes, and I also have 1.5TB that says "Not Provisioned". How do I go about getting that 1.5TB added to the 4TB provisioned space?

Thanks in advance!

See attachment for what I'm talking about.



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Re: Trying to use "Not Provisioned" space

Well, you could increase the size of existing volume(s) (=make them larger) or create additional volumes.

What is the best way depends on the current configuration (data layout, operating systems, ...) - we can't make a suggestion without more information.

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Re: Trying to use "Not Provisioned" space

Like Uwe Zessin mentioned, you can decrease the unprovisionned space by:

- expanding existing volumes;

- creating new volumes.


To be honnest I don't see the issue with the non-provisionned space.

This is a really good buffer for the future and is required when using thin-provisionned volumes.


If the space is not required by any host, I would keep the setup like it is.



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Re: Trying to use "Not Provisioned" space

This is free space that is not utilized (or assigned) to existing volumes...


You can use this space indeed (like mentioned above) by creating new volumes or extend existing volumes...


However I suggest always to keep some free space available, and not assign all the available MB's to the volumes for performance reasons...

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