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unlock1TB still in evaluation

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unlock1TB still in evaluation



we've downloaded the licencekeys (for 2 vsa-nodes, meanwhile twice -> in dec 2014 and today), put it in the managementconsole (version 11.5) but the managementgroup stays in evaluationmode (59 day left etc. ..)

4 of 5 features are in status "licensed" (AO not licensed -> OK).


Thanks for support.

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Re: unlock1TB still in evaluation

AO is not included in the 1TB license so if you have that feature on your VSA then its going to complain.  Not sure how its going to handle that situation when the time runs out.  I would call support to ask them, but it looks like the license is working as it is supposed to as you said the other features say they are licensed, but AO says it isn't... which it shouldn't be because it isn't included in the 1TB version.