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Updates check_lhc nagios check command

Respected Contributor

Updates check_lhc nagios check command

I had to fix this check after uploading the latest HP MIBs as they changed a couple of the SNMP OIDs:

clusClusterSpaceAvailable became clusClusterAvailableSpace

clusModuleTotalSize became clusModuleUsableSpace

Nagios Check Command for Cluster Usage

Usage: #check_lhc ClusterVIP snmpstring warningthreshold criticalthreshold clusterinstance

#check_lhc public 70 80 1

OK - "DATACENTER" is 48.00 % free | clustersize=2741 available=1318 warning=1918 critical=2192 provisioned=1423

See the website to download the check command, also I have examples of RRD graph creation for cluster usage