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Re: VSA configs


VSA configs

I never heard of Lefthand before HP took them over. I have since deployed a few appliances and a bunch of VSA configs.

Basically this forum is the best resource. I had a coworker sit on the phone on hold for over an hour to ask HP about the VSA best practices and they just referred him to the few articles they have out.

I think it is great that HP acquired them but maybe they shoudl wait to release the product until they have the support people and knowledge base up to date. The lack of documentation and best practice guides are a big let down.

I think the product is awesome overall and I am very happy with it but am cringing right now thinking about having to call them in an emergency. I will get slaughtered by my clients on the wait time to fix a serious issue.

HP - step up! You ahve a great offering now just back it up!
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Re: VSA configs

When you say appliances, do you mean SAM/iQ P4000 appliances? Did you buy support? I purchased a multi-site P45000 SAN, which comes with a 10 pak VSA license. I've had to call HP twice with some issues but the service was excellent and the wait wasn't bad. I've only had good experiences with HP which is I why I'm such a loyal customer, plus because I also believe they have the best and most comprehensive product line. If you're paying for support you have a valid gripe
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Re: VSA configs

I've had to call HP a few times for support, which we pay for, and have had to wait on hold 1+hours each time. The techs seem knowledgeable, but the support overall is not very good.

I wish HP had purchased LH and left it alone as it used to be a good company to deal with.