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VSA crashes randomly on ESXi

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VSA crashes randomly on ESXi


We are trying to set up 3 VSAs on an ESXi 5 but we have the following problem.
Our case is as follows:
We have a server with two 500GB sata drives on Raid 1 and twelve 3TB sata drives on Raid 6.
In the Raid Controller from the 12 3TB sata drives we created 15 1,8TB virtual drives in order
for the ESXi to recognize it correctly (under 2 TB drive).
We installed ESXi on the 2 500GB sata drives. We created the 15 datastores in the ESXi and we are ready for the VSA creation.
In the process of creating the VSAs we installed the CentOS
of the VSA in the 2 500GB sata drives and we used 5 of the 15 1,8TB sata drives for the Datastores for each VSA that we created.
You can see from the attached file the configuration of the VSAs.
Now that the 3 VSAs are ready we created from the HP P4000 Centralized Management Console a Management Group with the 3 VSAs together.
The SAN/iQ is 9.5.We did all the tests and everything seems to work correctly. Suddenly, after 15 hours all the VSAs creashed. When the VSAs crashed,
we didn't performed any action. The VSAs were in an idle state. The error that is presented in the VSAs is in the attached file.
These crashed are keep going one or two times a day randomly.

Please can you provide us some help?


Thank you in advance.

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Re: VSA crashes randomly on ESXi

I'd guess you are getting SCSI resets on the local controller. 

I'll also put in that I tried multiple VSAs on a single machine when I first started using them. Performance suffered greatly, they did not play well together at all. 

Also, and this is no small thing, you are putting your SAN uptime at great risk commiting all your resources to one physical piece of hardware. You would be so much better off running a VSA to a single dedicated piece of equipment. The VSA also seems to do well in my environment with HP DL360 G5s. A config that gives you all the memory and CPU your VSA could use comes in around $200.