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VSA unavilible

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VSA unavilible

Hi, vmware esx crashed and needed to be restarted, since then our vsa node is showing a status of "Storage Server offline", i have tried restarting the node again but it wont start working, the node says the raid is fine but all volumes on that VSA are unavailable.

Does anyone know what this message means and if it can be fixed?

If its a problem with the VSA and not the storage can i just create a new VSA and tell it to use the existing vmdk from the old VSA?
Trusted Contributor

Re: VSA unavilible

The "Storage Server Offline" could occur for a while (I'd wait up to 30 minutes) so don't keep rebooting the VSA to try and make it go away.

If you think you have waited long enough then you should call support on this one.

Is this VSA a stand alone unit or in a cluster?
If it's in a cluster you'll be able to repair or replace it with another VSA.

I've only see this once before and it was because of a disk failure and repair that went wrong under the VSA. I guess you could see it if you were running a write cache battery protection.
Adam C, LeftHand Product Manger