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1800-24G losing trunks

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1800-24G losing trunks

We use 1800-24G switches (f/w v3.00) for the front end iSCSI fabric on our SAN. These generally work fine, and have been in place for over a year now.

I've configured standard LACP trunks between the two core switches on ports 21/22, and the LACP status always shows ok. The problem is that, on two occasions now, the trunks have failed, and when they fail, they fail 'open' and create a network loop, effectively killing the front end to our SAN. Manually disconnecting one of the links sorts things out, but it's very, very concerning.

We operate many LACP trunks on 1800's and other 5300/2600 switches with no problems, so I don't know what's happening on these. Nothing has changed on the config, and they'll work for months as expected.

I originally set the port keys to 'auto', but after the previous occasion, manually assigned them. Obviously, this didn't help when it happened again yesterday! All trunked ports have flow control enabled, and are set to auto-neg speeds.

With so little to configure on the 1800's, much of the setup is handled automatically, so I'm wondering if this might be a bug in the firmware?