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2 Voice VLANS on one port?

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2 Voice VLANS on one port?

Quick question. Can i have one untagged dafault data vlan and 2 tagged voice vlans on one port?

I need this for testing purposes.

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Re: 2 Voice VLANS on one port?


You can tag many Vlans on one port, and from my understanding;
Voice option is actually just to add a QoS to voice traffic for better quality.

So instead of activating Voice Vlan since you have 2 of them, add a QoS statically to each one:

Syntax: vlan < vid > qos priority < 0 - 7 >

The qos priority default setting is 0 (normal), with 1 as the lowest priority and 7 as the highest priority.

So you will have one Data Vlan untagged on the port, and 2 Voice Vlans each one has a Higher priority that default both tagged on the same port.

Good Luck !!!
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