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2 x 1080g-24 - trunk between switches

New Member

2 x 1080g-24 - trunk between switches

Hi guys

i am trying to work out how to configure a trunk between my 2 switches. (i know that in procurve talk, trunk means link aggregation)

what my goal is:

my goal is so that, if one of my switches dies, my network does not go down. I need 2 vlans, storage and data. Lets not talk about the ESX/NAS configuration side of things, just the switches

what i currently have:

vlan 1 = default, management, port 1
vlan 10 = data, ports 2-12
vlan 20 = storage, ports 13-23
trunk1 = port 24

my tagged/untagged config:

ports 1 = vlan 1 untagged, vlan 10 exclude, vlan 20 exclude

ports 2-12 = vlan 1 exclude, vlan 10 untagged, vlan 20 exclude

ports 3-23 = vlan 1 exclude, vlan 10 exclude, vlan 20 untagged

trunk1/port 24 = vlan 1 tagged, vlan 10 tagged, vlan 20 tagged

This configuration is applied on both switches.

Am i now just to connect port 24 from 1 switch to port 24 on another switch and that will provide the redundancy that i require?

I have attached a horrible mspaint attempt at my network.

New Member

Re: 2 x 1080g-24 - trunk between switches

Crap, the top 2 "lines", that directly connect both ESX hosts, should both be green, not 1 green 1 blue. Thanks.