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2524 / spanning Tree RSTP Priority

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2524 / spanning Tree RSTP Priority

Hello to you all,
I have to look after a network that contains 12 2524 switches in the following setup accross 3 buildings.
4 switches
1) Stack Module in port 25 / Fibre module in port 26
2)stacking Module in ports 25 & 26
3) stacking module in port 25 aand fibre module in port 26
Switch 4 is at the back of the building with fibre modules in ports 25 & 26.

Five switches in differnt locations with fibre modules in ports 25 & 26

3 switches in differnt locations all with fibre modules in ports 25 & 26.

I have set all the switches to RSTP, the FW version on most of the switches is 5.17.

On Saturday there was a powercut effecting B1 1 & B2, the onsite GenSets kicked in and the network came back, when the AC mains from the grid is restored the genset will only kick out once sync'ed abd after 10 mins, all this happend as it should, and than the network failed. It seems as if the spanning tree failed. When I went in to B2 maain comms room the ACT lights on all 3 switches was solid, I pulled the fibre that links to B3 and the activity returned, after 10 sec i reconnected the link and all was good,
1) What I would like to know is as the 3 2524 in B2 are the main stack should I give them the priority so all the other swithes know which is the main switch ? do you applie this to just one switch in the stack or do you applie it to each , i.e 1,2,4

2) Should I set the RSTP at port level or switch level.

3) what is the cli command to set the path priority and is it high or low number that has the higher priority.

The network is a flat nework with no Vlans

4) when stackinh the way I have done it, what happens when the switch in the middle that has the 2 stack connections out fails, ? will it bridge between the uper and lower switch ? I have attached a basic layout