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2650 done crashed

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2650 done crashed

More to the point, a 2650 we have running H.08.98 is having some strange behavior.

The first thing is that uptime is being reset to 0. It is not restarting, however, users complain because it does not pass packets when this happens, just a momentary disconnect of less than a second. I don't know the period, but it happens about 1-2 times daily.

Second thing that it does is that it won't get all the way through a 'sho tech all' command. It stops about 1/2-way through on both putty and hyperterminal. I've since rebooted the thing, and it does get all the way through now, but it cleared the crash log.

Anyway, a 'sho boot' gives this:

----- Crash Record: 1 at 0x1ff2874 -----

crash info = 0xaa00000

subSystem ID = 0

timestamp: 01/01/90 07:07:27

Crash msg: Software exception in ISR at intr.c:600


The log shows this:

M 01/01/90 05:12:04 sys: 'Software exception in ISR at intr.c:600'

This of course does not give me the warm and fuzzy feeling I normally get thinking about ProCurve equipment.

I'll give HP a call in a bit, but I'm wondering if anybody has had a similar experience and/or any information about what's going on?
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Re: 2650 done crashed

We had a similar problem with a 4108gl: sudden restarts 1-2 times per day, users complaining about lost connectivity. the solution was changing the backplane of the device.