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Re: 2910al issues

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2910al issues

Ok let me preface by saying I'm brand new to Procurve networking. My issues is that I cannot get a brand new 2910 to ping or route traffic on our current LAN. I have a couple of vlans setup on the 2910 and inter-vlan routing is occurring inside the switch, but when I try to access our LAN from any vlan it dies. Ping just causes request timed out. Also, how do you set the password of the web gui from CLI. It's asking for a password, but I'm not sure. None of the ones that I've set in the CLI are working for the GUI.

Current config:
hostname "ANX2910-1"
time timezone -6
module 1 type J9148A
ip routing
vlan 1
ip address
tagged 1-2,5-48
no untagged 3-4
vlan 101
name "Mac"
untagged 4
ip address
vlan 102
name "Windows"
untagged 3
ip address
ip route
no autorun
password manager
password operator
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Re: 2910al issues

I assume that the devices on your internal network are hanging off VLAN1. I also would assume that you have them set to use a default gateway of If so does the router at this address know how to get to the networks on VLAN 101 & 102. eg does it have routes created that tell it to get to via

As for the password side of things make sure that you create usernames when setting the passwords up via the CLI in the switch. This way when you login via the web interface you can specify a username and a password. If you don't you should still be able to access the web interface by just entering a password with no username.