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2910al with firmware W_14_70, web agent problem

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2910al with firmware W_14_70, web agent problem


I've got three new ProCurve 2910al-24G-PoE and ProCurve 2910al-48G-PoE switches, straight out of the box.
I downloaded the W.14.70 firmware from the hp site, and uploaded W_14_70.swi to the switches using the web interface. Switches reboot into the new firmware without problems.

The problem: when I try to change the settings on a port (for example, disable port 21), the settings don't 'stick' or save.
The webpage shows a diagonal line on the port to indicatie its disabled - but it isn't. When I reload the webpage the port shows as enabled again.
The diagnostics/configuration report shows no disabled ports.
Tried using various webbrowsers on various OS'ses, makes no difference. One combination was IE 8 on Windows 7, which is listed in the compatibility table in the release notes.

Workaround 1: using the CLI I can change the settings just fine. When I disable a port using the CLI, its really disabled, and it shows as disabled in the webinterface and configuration report too.

Workaround 2: I downloaded the older W.14.49 firmware, and uploaded W_14_49.swi to the switches, reboot. Using this firmware the port settings in the webpage work as expected; ie ports really are disabled, changes 'stick' and also show up in the configuration report.

nb, firmware uploading using the W.14.70 webinterface works fine.

I think (the web interface in) firmware W.14.70 is buggy...