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3548yl Rom Upgrade

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3548yl Rom Upgrade

Hello All,

On a couple of procurve 3548yl switches it looks like I failed to follow the upgrade procedure correctly. The release notes say:

"If your switch is currently running software version K.11. 67 or earlier, you must
update the Boot ROM to K.11.03 by loading and booting software version K.11.69 before installing switch
software revision K.12.00 or later versions."

I upgraded to K.12.01 with out this intermediate step and am running k.12.01 with ROM Version K.11.02 (which seems to work fine).

Would anybody anticipate any problems reverting back to K.11.69 to get the ROM update and then re-updating to K.12.01?

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Re: 3548yl Rom Upgrade

How did you update these? I'm guessing through PCM+ which automatically does the update to K.11.69 for you in the background when updating to K.12.01.

I wouldn't bother going back to K.11.69 in this instance.
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Re: 3548yl Rom Upgrade

You have a primary and secondary flash location in the switch.

Do a "show flash" it will tell you which of the flash locations has been updated to K.12.01.

You could always apply the K.11.69 firmware to one of the two locations and this would then bring the Boot ROM up to K.11.03.

Command to update the secondary flash would be

copy tftp flash xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx K_11_69.swi secondary

where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP address of your TFTP server.
When you reboot the switch make sure you boot off the flash with the K.12.01 firmware. If this is the primary the use the following command

boot system flash primary

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Re: 3548yl Rom Upgrade

I updated via tftp. Flash confirms that I missed the update of the ROM:

3548-1# sh flash
Image Size(Bytes) Date Version
----- ---------- -------- -------
Primary Image : 6580147 02/02/07 K.12.01
Secondary Image : 6164143 10/19/06 K.11.63
Boot Rom Version: K.11.02
Current Boot : Primary

I'll do the suggested procedure to copy the ROM update version to secondary boot off of primary. My service window is on Sat. so I'll report back with any problems. Thanks for the help.