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5308xl chassis trouble

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5308xl chassis trouble


I have four 5308xl in a mesh domain setup. Only one seems to have some chassis related problems. The logs:

chassis: Lost Communication with Slot D
chassis: Slot D Downloading
chassis: Slot D Download Failed
chassis: Slot D Downloading
chassis: Lost Communication with Slot C
chassis: Slot C Download Complete
chassis: Slot C Heartbeat Failure.Module no longer responsive to the masterIP=0x4016aa38 Task='tDevPollRx' Task ID=

I experienced the same with E.09.22 and still with E.10.02.

The modules used are J4907A 16x10/100/1000, two of the ports with dual personality.

I had to remove the switch from the network because it stopped responding from time to time, no matter if there was intense network activity - like in business hours - or not. Only power cycle used to solve the problem for the moment.

Now I'm using the same modules in another chassis without problems.

The crash-log file is attached.

Is there any solution to the problem except geting a replacement from HP?
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Re: 5308xl chassis trouble

Getting replacement modules worked for me. I have had more than 6 of these modules fail.

Some marginal J4907A modules that fault in one slot will sometimes work better in a different slot, but ultimately you should have them replaced. Why would you not consider the option of replacement?

It is possible that the chassis and not the modules are at fault in this case but in my case it was the modules.
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Re: 5308xl chassis trouble

Hi There, I am having a similare problem, how could you solve the issue?

module or Chassis replacement