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5400zl - port mirroring


5400zl - port mirroring

Dear all, im facing with a strange behaivor:
Suppose we have a 5400zl switch with 2 vlans. One of this vlan is management vlan connected through untagged A24 port directly to MNS. Another VLAN is connected through untagged port to another 2600 procurve switch through port A1 and to third 2600 procurve switch trough port A2. Behind 2 2600 procurve switch we have 2 hosts. Connectivity between is ok, and packets travel as they should.
I want to MIRROR port A1 to A24. I configured a local mirror to mirror both destinations (IN and OUT with command Coresw(eth-A1)#monitor all both mirror 1).
BUT When i launch wireshark i see packets travelling only to one side. Forthemore it can stop showing those packets at all, and starts again after i unplug and plug NMS cable phisycally.
I tried to "monitor all in mirror 1" and it shows all incoming to port traffic. But when i switching off mirroring with "no monitor all in mirror 1" and then switch on to "monitor all out mirror 1" it again shows OUT traffic only after i unplug and plug cable again...

Any ideas?
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Re: 5400zl - port mirroring

monitor ALL in or monitor ALL out means ALL packet IN or OUT

SO ofcourse when configuring monitor ALL OUT you will only see OUT traffic
and monitor ALL IN you will only see IN traffic