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5406zl ACL Guest Wlan

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5406zl ACL Guest Wlan

Hi there,

I just want to create a simple ACL for one of our Customers. They want tu build a Wlan Infrastructure with a Guest Wlan.
The Guest Wlan should be seperated from the other VLANS:

ip access-list extended "Guest_Wlan"
10 permit ip
20 deny any any
vlan 3
name "Guest_Wlan"
ip helper-address
untagged A3
ip access-group "Guest_Wlan" in

Is it right, that I only have to deny the hole traffic? The GW for the Clients is the Lancom Wlan Controller...

Thank you for helping :)
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Re: 5406zl ACL Guest Wlan


Ok, there are a few issues there.

> 10 permit ip

That line isn't complete, it specifies a source but not a destination.
Also your mask is wrong. ACL's use wildcards that aren't the same as a normal network mask (they're the inverse really). So if you want to specify the subnet you use the statement 192.168.137

You haven't really said what you _do_ want to give the guest VLAN access to so I'll just give you an example I've made up :)

1) Allow the hosts access to your DNS server

permit tcp DNS_SRV_IP eq 53

permit udp DNS_SRV_IP eq 53

2) Deny them access to any other IPs on your subnet (replace the 192.168 with your address range or add in multiple lines for all your ranges)

deny ip

3) Allow the guest clients any other access you want, e.g web access

permit tcp eq 80

4) There is an implicit "deny any any" rule at the end of every acl

Now just apply this to the VLAN in the correct direction (the direction is with respect to the switch)

ip access-group "guest_acl" in

If you have any issues the manual pages for ACL's are quite detailed and useful:

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Re: 5406zl ACL Guest Wlan


thank you.
I only want the Clients to get access to our Firewall ( The Firewall has only one allow rule (allow hhtp), all other traffic isn´t allowed. DHCP Server for our Clients is the Firewall.

ip access-list extended "wlan_gues"
10 permit tcp
20 permit udp
30 deny ip
permit tcp

vlan 3
name "WLAN_Guest"
no ip address
ip access-group "wlan_guest" vlan
ip access-group "wlan_guest" in