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5406zl crashes

Regular Advisor

5406zl crashes

On release K.12.14, try to remember correct syntax when naming ports. Failing to do so results in a crash;

5406_lab(config)# int a4 name "interfacename

(thus missing the last ")


System went down: 06/22/07 13:22:40
Saved crash information:
PPC Data Storage (Bus Error) exception vector 0x300:
Stack Frame=0x08e29e38 HW Addr=0x1854004a IP=0x0018acc4 Task='mSess2' Task ID=0x8e2aaa0
fp: 0x18540006 sp:

On K.12.05 it's working as it's supposed to:

5406_lab(config)# int a4 name "interfacename
Invalid input: "interfacename