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5412 and two j8713A Power Supplies

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5412 and two j8713A Power Supplies

We were recently changing out UPS's for one of our 5412zl switches with dual 1500 watt power supplies. On unplugging one of the power supplies, the linecard in slot G shut down and would not come back up without pulling the card and reseating it.

All bays A-G are all filled with the 24 Port 10/100/1000 POE linecards (J8702A).

Bays H-L are empty.

POE power across the linecards is only showing 241 watts total across all the cards.

Is this normal for a single J8713A to only be able to power half the bays on a 5412?

We waited until after hours to move the other power supply to the new UPS. Unplugging it resulted in the same behavior. Slot G dropped and had to be re-inserted to bring it back up.

Thanks for any input.


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Re: 5412 and two j8713A Power Supplies

Hi Kirk,

yes, that's normal behavior.
The 12-slot 5400zl (as well as the 8212zl) requires two PS to run. To achieve power redundancy, you will need at least a third PS.

Running on one PS only shuts down the bottom half of available modules (as you experirienced).

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Re: 5412 and two j8713A Power Supplies

Answered in second post