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5412zl Slot A Slave ROM Tombstone

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5412zl Slot A Slave ROM Tombstone


From log after reboot:

17:02:45 00374 chassis: Slot A Failed to boot-timeout-(ROM_ALIVE)
17:03:11 00374 chassis: Slot A Slave ROM Tombstone: 0x13000400
17:03:11 00274 chassis: Slot A self test failure or unsupported module

Image: K.13.25
Boot Rom: K.12.12

Module A is J8702A.

After reboot '00274 chassis:' does not occurs and module seems to working, but '00374 chassis:' still exists in log.

Upgrade to K.14.47/K.12.20 does not solve problem. What are these warnings means? Bad module?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: 5412zl Slot A Slave ROM Tombstone

Watch the status for a while and if it happens again then try to swap the module to another slot reboot and test it and see, if it works normally and the error did not happen again then test the slot itself by inserting a diff. module and reboot the switch.


Re: 5412zl Slot A Slave ROM Tombstone

how often did it happen ?

If the error occurs many times, install a very stable firmware, like maintenance branch FW K_13_66 and try what said Shadow13 (swap two modules and reboot).

In my experience, when i got "Slave ROM Tombstone", there was a hardware problem with module.

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Re: 5412zl Slot A Slave ROM Tombstone

Thank you all.

I replaced the module with new one through service. Lifetime warranty is great feature from HP! :-)