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7102 Route & Bridge VLANS (irb)

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7102 Route & Bridge VLANS (irb)

I have a number of remote sites connected via Procurve 7102 Routers. I am running separate VLANs at each sites and route via a common VLAN over fiber provided by my ISP.

I have the need to have a common VLAN that is not router but transparently crossed the 7102 routers to my central site (basically as secured wireless network that will cross my network but end up in the DMZ to the internet).

If I removed the routers and use my Layer 3 switches this is really easy. I would like to keep some of the higher functions of the routers though and was wondering if this is possible.

I am running Firmware 8.03 which introduced IRB that seems to allow Bridging and Routing over the same interfaces. I can't make sense of it however.

Basically I am looking to do something like:

Subnet A ( VLAN 20 routed to
Subnet B ( VLAN 40

These share a common network and are router over: - VLAN 10

That part works fine

Now I also want to be able to simply bridge
Subnet A - ( VLAN 200 to
Subnet B - ( VLAN 200
They need to be on the same subnet but on other sides of the common fiber network. Can I route over VLAN 10 (Int ETH 0/2.1) and Bridge that same interface with VLAN 200 (Int ETH 0/2.2)?

Thanks for any clarification you may be able to provide.


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Re: 7102 Route & Bridge VLANS (irb)


I'm fairly familiar with the 7102, but I'm not sure what you want to accomplish here. What is the goal of this? Might make it more clear.
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Re: 7102 Route & Bridge VLANS (irb)

Basically - full layer 3 routing (RIP) between 8 sites, each with their own class C address.

On each of the routers Eth 0/1 is on a VLAN unique to each site. Eth 0/2 is on a VLAN common to all 8 sites that is on my fiber backbone and only used as a transport VLAN between the 8 sites.

These routed VLANs are not an issue.

I want to be able to have one VLAN that I have wireless access controllers on. This VLAN needs to be a flat layer 2 VLAN that can't be routed at any point. It will share the same IP subnet across all 8 sites (very few clients attached at one time).

My wireless clients will use this wireless VLAN and access the Internet and/or my network via the DMZ on my firewall.

What I am asking is can the routers basically pass Layer 2 VLANS transparently while routing the Layer 3 VLANs. It is very easy to do with my Layer 3 switches but I would prefer to keep the routers if I can.



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Re: 7102 Route & Bridge VLANS (irb)

Hi Scott,

While I believe the IRB _should_ be able to do what you want it to do, I haven't investigated it much myself yet and was also a little confused when reading through the release notes. Definitely something you'd need to sit down and play around with.

My main concern though is stretching a single L2 VLAN across your entire WAN. If there is a single loop or broadcast storm you're going to be in trouble.

With the ProCurve WESM's, they allow for L3 adoption which would be preferable for this type of scenario.