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8/20q showing me 4gb port

Regular Advisor

8/20q showing me 4gb port


I have a 8/20q HP Fibre Channel Switch with several blade servers connect to it.

The SFPs are AJ718A, One of the blades, in this port has a mezzanine card of

Emulex LPe1205-HP 8Gb.  So, since the SFP AND the Emulex on the blade are

8 GB speed vehicles should I not be receiving 8 GB speeds through the SFP?


It shows me 4 GB on ports 2 and 3 and 8 GB on everything else.

All the ports are setup to "autodetect" so why am I getting the 4 GB speeds?


Observe my attachment.  Port 2 is running at 4GB speed as well as Port 3

Ross Hanson