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802.1x, pc and voice vlan arbitration


802.1x, pc and voice vlan arbitration


We try to configure a 5412 for 802.1x Port Access.

The idea is authenticate the Phone Mac-Based an the Desktop behind the Phone with EAP.

So far no Problem. Phone is fix tagged in the Voice-Lan and the PC should get its Vlan over Radius Option.

This works as long, as the Phone gets the same vlanid (for unused untagged Port) via Radius equal to the Desktop.

But if I try to set the Vlanid for Desktop and none for the phone, the Desktop gets the correct Vlan but I'll get a aribitration Message and the phone will not get Access.

I had expected the phone has the same untagged vlan as the Desktop got assigned.

Now the biggest Problem:

If I configure it that both get the same vlan, it works as excpected. But if now another Client who shuld get a other vlan it cannot get acces. Same Reason Vlan Arbitration.

Is there any know workaround for this Problem?


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Re: 802.1x, pc and voice vlan arbitration

Hello Ralf

Just try to configure the mixed mode to see if that helps:

aaa port-access mixed