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8212zl, radius aaa mac-based and APC AP9617 card

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8212zl, radius aaa mac-based and APC AP9617 card

I'm having a problem with an APC AP9617 network management card, radius mac-based authentication and DHCP.

The 8212zl, radius and DHCP are configured and working correctly for a number of other devices. With the APC AP9617 card, I cannot get the card to obtain a DHCP lease when using radius to place the port into a VLAN. If I manually assign the port to the VLAN, the card immediately gets a DHCP lease.

When I put the radius server into debug mode, I see the radius request from the switch and the reply from the radius server. The switch puts the port into the correct VLAN. With the DHCP server also in debug mode, I never see a DHCP request although the AP9617 card claims to be sending one. The AP9617 is configured to continuously send DHCP requests.

Anyone have any thoughts on why I can't get the AP9617 to work with radius and DHCP? I have not been able to find anything in the 8212zl manuals that seems like it might be related.