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Cisco 3524XL - HP DL320 Native VLAN Issue

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Cisco 3524XL - HP DL320 Native VLAN Issue

Hi, I'm trying to set up a trunk connection from a Cisco 3524XL to a HP Server. All the VLAN NIC's on the server get proper DHCP addresses except the Native VLAN (VLAN1)(I know for sure that the DHCP of the Native VLAN works fine). When I debug the DHCP server, I see that it receives a DHCP request and it sends an offer back on VLAN1.

So my guess is that the communication from the server to the switch works fine, but communication in the opposite direction doesnt. I think that the NIC teaming software doesnt allow traffic for the native vlan to be received untagged.

Anyone any idea's?
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Re: Cisco 3524XL - HP DL320 Native VLAN Issue


Many reasons you could have for that,
but i need you to check your DHCP scope.

Whats the router parameter, it should be the Vlan1 (or the Native) IP address on the router or the routing switch.

In this case, assign a static IP in Vlan1 for a PC, and try to ping the DHCP server from that PC, and you should be able to.

Also, check the IP helper command in case you have the DHCP server in a different Vlan.

Good Luck !!!
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Re: Cisco 3524XL - HP DL320 Native VLAN Issue

Thanks for you reply.

When I put the server on a non-trunk link and remove the 802.1q config from the server network configuration everything works fine.

When I put the server on a trunk link, assign a static IP to the native VLAN, and ping the router, the router receives the ping and answers, but the reply doesnt reach the server.

My assumption is that the tagging of the native VLAN between the switch and the server goes wrong.

I've configured the native vlan of the trunklink on the switch as VLAN 1. Which should make the data for VLAN 1 to be send and received untagged. How do I set this up on the server side? Or is traffic destined for VLAN 1 default untagged on the server side?