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cisco 815 and hp procurve 5304

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cisco 815 and hp procurve 5304

Dear all
i have a core switch HP procurve with 8 vlan configured and intervlan routing is working good and i set up RIP v2 on the HP procurve switch.since RIP is enables the router and the switchs should exchange route if that is the case why do i need to add static route on the router for internet access to my vlans...
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Re: cisco 815 and hp procurve 5304

I am sure you internet router doesn't advertise (redistribute) the internet routing table via RIP. The switch will learn the attached interfaces of the router, but not the default route. You would have to redistribute the default route on the router into RIP. If that is not supported, you have to use a static route.
What routes do you learn via RIP? "show ip route" Do you see a default route?