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Configure MSTP on ProCurve 2824


Configure MSTP on ProCurve 2824

Dear All,

I'm going to try and set up three 2824's for MSTP tomorrow but am a little confused about what needs to go into each switch's config.

The documentation says to configure the instances for each VLAN group. I have 3 VLANs and want to set up 3 instances (one for each VLAN). Do I have to add all three instance config details to each switch, i.e.
- spanning-tree instance 1 vlan 1
- spanning-tree instance 2 vlan 2
- spanning-tree instance 3 vlan 3
on all three switches or just the individual instance configs - one on each switch?

Similarly, do I have to add priority config details for each instance on each switch or do I just give each switch a different instance with a priority of 0? For example:
Switch 1:
- spanning-tree instance 1 priority 0
- spanning-tree instance 2 priority 1
- spanning tree instance 3 priority 1

Switch 2:
- spanning-tree instance 1 priority 1
- spanning-tree instance 2 priority 0
- spanning-tree instance 3 priority 1
and so forth... or:

Switch 1:
- spanning-tree instance 1 priority 0

Switch 2:
- spanning-tree instance 2 priority 0

Many thanks.

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Re: Configure MSTP on ProCurve 2824


MSTP is a Spanning-Tree protocol, and when you want to configure a Spanning Tree, you should simply check your topology and plan well for a good ROOT and Backup Root.

If you have Dual core switches, then configuring a third instance is meanless unless you have other consideration.

Simply, select 2 Switches as Root and Backup Root and make 2 Instances to load balance the network traffic based on the 3 Vlans mapped to those instances.

Create Instance1 with (say Vlan1 only).
Create Instance2 with Vlan2,3

Then configure Switch1:
- Root for Instance 1.
- Backup for Instance 2.
- Root for the IST.

And configure Switch2:
- Backup for Instance 1.
- Root for Instance 2.
- Backup for the IST.

SW1(config)#span priority 0
SW1(config)#span instance 1 vlan 1
SW1(config)#span instance 1 priority 0
SW1(config)#span instance 2 vlan 2-3
SW1(config)#span instance 2 priority 1
SW1(config)#span ***enabling Spanning Tree**

SW2(config)#span priority 1
SW2(config)#span instance 1 vlan 1
SW2(config)#span instance 1 priority 1
SW2(config)#span instance 2 vlan 2-3
SW2(config)#span instance 2 priority 0
SW2(config)#span ***enabling Spanning Tree**

For a detailed example use the following link:

Good Luck !!!
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Re: Configure MSTP on ProCurve 2824

Many thanks.

I did the work on Saturday (and all seems well at the moment) before I could read your post but it has just confirmed that I've done it correctly.